Paramilitary devices or a PR move: 10 factual statements about “The nationwide Militia devices”

On January 28 a march that is spectacular devote Kyiv: teenagers using camouflage uniforms and balaclavas wandered through the main roads. Once the march ended about 600 users of the NGO “The Natsionalni Druzhyny” (National Militia devices) established by the veterans regarding the Azov regiment had been sworn in. Numerous discovered this scene just like marches of paramilitary devices. It arrived as a fantasy image for the Russian propaganda and for all western news that think about you can find risks associated with the nationalistic retaliation in Ukraine. It raised a true amount of questions.

Just just How could be the Natsionalni Druzhyny from the Azov battalion?

The Natsionalni Druzhyny is just a task for the alleged circle that is azov-related into the Azov regiment of this National Guard. Continue reading →