A consultant becomes flustered as a bride begins to panic over modifications designed to her dream gown ahead of her 2nd fitting in Say Yes towards the Dress Lancashire

In tonight’s episode of this TLC show, Francine that has been along with her fiancй for eight months, is looking to disappear delighted after asking for alterations to her fantasy dress to provide the impression of the fuller bust.

However, she’s stunned to observe how the gown fits when the consultant has added bump pads – along with her bridesmaid mocks the design, too.

‘i enjoy the gown but hate the boobs, ’ her bridesmaid Kirsty states. ‘It’s very nearly Dolly Parton. ’

Speaing frankly about the brief minute she came across Marcos, Francine explains: ‘He’s from Spain. We have been together for seven days whenever Marcos chose to propose because we’d fallen away.

Francine (pictured) attends the second fitting for her fantasy bridal dress, in tonight’s episode of Say Yes into the Dress Lancashire. Bridesmaid Kirsty (pictured in red) informs Francine that although she really loves the gown, it seems very nearly ‘Dolly Parton’ round the breasts area

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