What’s All This About Exploding Vape Pens?

Last November, an e-cigarette exploded in Cordero Caples’ face, breaking his throat, fracturing face bones, shattering their teeth, and burning his lips, in accordance with Caples’ cousin, who talked to The Denver Post. He lived through the ordeal, but he’s seen better days. “ He has a time that is hard his human anatomy,” their sister Colessia Porter stated. “How much of a selection of motion he’ll have actually is something we simply don’t understand.”

It isn’t the only situation of an e-cig having a bite away from its individual. They’ve ignited in people’s pockets, necessitating epidermis grafts in at the very least two cases, they’ve squirted battery acid and burning debris into smoker’s mouths, and set a sleep burning, based on the Post. Continue reading →