Disclosing Secrets: directions for Therapists working together with Sex Addicts and Co-addicts 3

Individuals with addictive disorders that are sexual at an elevated risk of acquiring STDs, in contrast to non-sex addicts. At the moment, there isn’t an consistent legal standard regarding the therapist’s duty when customers are HIV-positive. Directions for coping with such consumers had been described by Herring (2001) in a write-up on ethical dilemmas in dealing with intimate addicts: “Clinicians should talk about the precise nature of the HIV-related privacy policies with clients during the start of therapy, stay present with state guidelines, educate customers concerning the seroconversion dangers of these certain sex and medication techniques, be ready to talk straight about any issues that arise throughout the treatment course, offer to help communicate information to partners, and talk to peers as appropriate. ” (a recently available special dilemma of the log Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity (2001, #2) is focused on assisting clinicians whom assist HIV-infected sex addicts. )

In the addiction industry, Schneider (1988) interviewed a few lovers of intercourse addicts and concluded they usually have a high need certainly to understand. Predicated on a subsequent larger research of partners in data recovery from intercourse addiction and co-addiction (Schneider & Schneider, 1990), the authors encouraged couples in all honesty in regards to the extramarital intimate habits. Their findings confirmed that sincerity is recognized as significant to recovery for both the specific and when it comes to few relationship.

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