Love and friendship between a guy and a lady


Going for a gf will not just destroy the grouped family members, it ruins culture, and the ones that do this are threatened utilizing the punishment and wrath of Allaah. Love is really a nausea that ruins one’s heart and results in wicked and immorality. The Shaytaan could keep tempting them and pressing them until they commit immoral actions and therefore each gets just what she or he wishes through the other.

There are lots of forbidden issues connected with this, such as for example transgressing up against the honour of other people, betraying trust, being alone with a part associated with the contrary intercourse, pressing, kissing, speaking immoral terms, then a greater evil which happens at the conclusion, blonde model which can be the sin of zina.

The fact that the questioner claims “no one is aware of us” is strange. Just how can he just forget about their Lord that knows what exactly is key and what exactly is yet more concealed, and whom understands the fraudulence for the eyes and all sorts of that the hearts conceal. (cf. Ghaafir 40:19).

Our advice for you, that he is watching; fear Allaah concerning people’s honour; strive for the Day when you will meet your Lord with your deeds; remember the scandal that may happen in this world and the Hereafter as you are still young, is to discipline yourself to obey Allaah and always remember. Keep in mind which you have actually siblings and can have spouse and daughters, therefore do you need for just one of those what you are really doing aided by the daughters associated with Muslims? The solution is that you’d certainly not want it, as well as other individuals hate it either. Remember from your Lord that you may see the results of your sin in some of your family members as a punishment to you.

You must seek out righteous buddies, along with to help keep your self busy doing that which Allaah loves and it is satisfied with. Continue reading →