The woman, inside her very early twenties by my guess, ended up being quite chatty.

From her chatter, we noticed, she obviously really was into tennis. She introduced herself if you ask me, her title had been Tammy. She had been an aspiring female professional golfer. I recognize who you really are. She said. From tv! “ We recognize you” She became asked and excited for my autograph. She was signed by me visor and she thanked me personally. “I log off at six, um, can you want to consider, um, viewing me strike some balls. I would personally love some tips from a top TRIP expert as you. Then possibly we’re able to grab a bite? ”I thanked her for the offer, but shared with her I experienced my daughter and her buddy along for the week and I also had already told them we had been having supper during the steak household within the shopping center tonight. Ok, not a problem. She had been visibly disappointed.

“i actually do have got all time Wednesday off. ” She added ideally. Tell you just what, we stated. “i’ve a very early tee time into the Wednesday pro am. Just just How about I view you hit balls that afternoon? We’re able to exercise together.

”She lit up such as for instance a chandelier. “Oh Thorn, really? That could be awesome! Continue reading →