Image a typical escort customer and an adult guy probably pops into the mind – a Silvio Berlusconi kind possibly

For females that are afraid in the future away, lesbian escorts provide possibility for self-discovery in personal

1:28PM BST 03 Aug 2015

For the Baron John Sewel. However all customers fit the profile of a morally questionable politician, and males aren’t really the only people who can buy feminine business.

A present study discovered that increasingly more women can be spending money on ‘sensual experiences’, utilizing the wide range of male escorts offered to British ladies tripling to 15,000 within the last 5 years. The research discovered that some females don’t desire or have enough time for the relationship, while others utilize escorts as an opportunity to have threesomes. These motivations are familiar to at least one London escort agency, that has been supplying a service that is lesbian feminine consumers for the previous two years. But also for gay ladies on the way to self-acceptance and coming out, there may also be extremely private and individual good reasons for employing an escort.

A number of the lesbian stories of intercourse and debauchery match stereotypical notions associated with the escort globe – however with glamorous ladies using the accepted host to portly males. The high price (?250 per hour) appeals to rich customers, and several ladies are worldwide jetsetters that are in London for the week-end and seeking for business. Well-paid specialists through the united states of america or Dubai might book an escort for the night and, them out to exotic locations around the world if they like the girl, later fly.

Characters when you look at the movie Blue may be the Warmest Colour are confident with the sex. For people who are less certain, escort services offer a window of opportunity for research

Nevertheless the agency’s creator, Felicity, states that she’s also known as by 40- and 50-something women that are not sure of the sex and desire to employ an escort as being a individual test. Continue reading →