Polyamory could be the practice, desire, or acceptance of experiencing one or more relationship that is intimate EBONY & POLY

At time because of the knowledge and permission of everybody included. It really is distinct from moving (which emphasizes intercourse with other people as just recreational) and will or may well not consist of polysexuality (attraction towards numerous genders and/or sexes)

Welcome to Ebony & Poly!

B&P is really a weblog where we ask the questions and share the stories that too often get unexamined because of fear, or pity. Our objective would be to offer an eclectic, culturally rich environment, where individuals will come together to socialize, discover, and share typical passions linked to living that is polyamorous.

We encourage thoughtful talks about intercourse, relationships, dating and closeness because it pertains to polyamory. Through this interaction we make an effort to produce connections and develop a community that knows regardless of how one “does” poly, there isn’t any one of the ways or right solution to get it done hence marketing a hot and inviting environment where each one is able to go to town without concern with judgement.

We should offer those people who are in someplace of the latest development, a secure, enjoyable and knowledgeable destination grow, and UNDERSTAND. As this “lovestyle” is certainly one that is fairly not used to our community, it’s imperative that people just take active roles in leading, and teaching one another. Continue reading →