‘The 1 / 2 Of It': Movie Review

‘Saving Face’ writer-director Alice Wu returns with another queer Asian American love after having a 15-year hiatus.

The film that is new 1 / 2 of It (Netflix) is like few other teenager films. Set into the rural, socially conservative city of Squahamish, Washington, it does not show anyone shopping, or making love, or making use of social networking. Teens do not gather in school dances, but at church. Squahamish is not Pleasantville; it isn’t a suburbia that is artificially wholesome of the time. It is simply another accepted destination where in fact the grownups won’t need to inform kids never to expect a lot of from life — they know already.

It is debatable whether anybody also actually falls in love. Our sensible protagonist Ellie Chu (Leah Lewis) claims in the beginning of her story, “This just isn’t a love story — or perhaps not one where anybody gets whatever they want, ” and she keeps her vow. By the conclusion, what exactly is remarkable is just how much things have actually changed when it comes to figures, with therefore few gestures that are grand. Continue reading →