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Mother and 2 young ones Relocated by Victims of Violent Crimes in Need of Blessings and Prayers!

We require prayers and blesings please!

The Victims of Violent Crimes Compensation Board relocated my 2 kiddies (7 and 8 years of age) and myself of an and a half ago month. With just 3 days notice to pack and say good-bye, we left all our house and buddies, and relocated a huge number of miles away. An opportunity was seen by the enemy to strike, in which he happens to be relentless.

Although the Compensation Board offered us cash for the safety deposit and first months lease, I’d a very hard time finding anyone that could lease in my experience since I’d to give up my task as soon as we left and didn’t have earnings. I’ve exemplary work history and left my work making nearly $22/he at a Christian non-profit, but that didn’t help me personally much right right right here. Continue reading →