As she chatted she began stroking my leg reassuringly. “Mica and i truly would like to get to understand you, and thus far you appear to be such an excellent woman. ”

Lisa hand got closer and nearer to my crotch until she was barley brushing it as she spoke. Seeing when I failed to make any go on to stop her, Lisa’s hand went under my gown and started operating down and up my inner thigh. I became somewhat shocked, perhaps perhaps not anticipating almost anything to take place therefore quickly, but I didn’t protest. It was actually turning me in.

Instinctively starting my legs only a little wider as she got closer to my pussy, Lisa’s hand finally had more access and reached my underwear where she gently rub against my clitoris. The expectation and waiting made me gasp only a little once she did touch me personally which made Lisa pause for a minute.

Quietly she asked me “Is this ok? We don’t want to cause you to uncomfortable. ”

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