“They’re likely to consume us,” said certainly one of Royn’s guys, “aren’t they?”

We realised they weren’t being defiant, these people were frightened. That’s why dozens of tendrils had connected on their own to my shield. They wanted me to guard them. Couple of wusses. Nonetheless it’s the boss’s work to help keep morale high.

“No, they’re planning to consume him.” I pointed straight straight down at Royn, who had been going for a timeout. Damicar had put their mind beside the human body. “We’re likely to prepare Royn’s human body utilizing the best components and a lot of spices that are delicious then we’re likely to ask the islanders to a taster evening. C’est magnifique.” We place my hands to my lips and kissed them.

Pale faces stared blankly at me personally. we had been accustomed it.

“You want us to prepare the man that is young” asked Mrs Somya, helpfully cutting to your chase. She was had by her pans and pots clutched tightly.

“Damicar will require care of the,” we said. “The remainder of you simply have to keep a fire going, and remain alert.”

“We can do while you say,” said Captain Somya. Their guys, at the least, would follow sales.

“Firewood, and plenty of it,” I stated. Continue reading →