Buddy Takes Offense at Never Ever Being Inquired About Her Past

by Abigail Van Buren

DEAR ABBY: 6 months ago, i acquired straight right back in contact with a youth buddy whom married at 17 and relocated away. She’s got a lot of family drama, a lot of it due to her alcoholism (which she claims is just consequence of PTSD).

Recently, she said We have harmed her and I also’m an awful buddy because since we have reconnected, We have never ever once asked her about her past as well as the ordeals she actually is experienced. Abby, she discusses by herself constantly. We never ever thought it absolutely was required to ask her about the past because she never ever shuts up about this. I’ve attempted to be an excellent listener, but I do not think she’s made the most useful life alternatives, and I also do not desire to confront her with my views on what she’s got all messed up her life.

I do not concern individuals about their past, truthfully. I’m when they wish to talk about it, they are going to take it up on their own. Ended up being we incorrect for not asking her to dredge it? Now she will not even speak to me personally. — FRIENDLESS IN FLORIDA

DEAR FRIENDLESS: Be grateful the lady not any longer talks to you personally. You’ve got done nothing incorrect. The individual you describe has to feel wronged and start to become the main focus of the conversations, which in my opinion seems self-centered. Continue reading →