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Who is actually the Kyrgyz Lady?

A Kyrgyz eje is actually a Kyrgyz female over a – particular grow older ‘. The grow older is not precise, as it ‘ s even more of a condition of being than an actual date on the calendar. The traditional Kyrgyz eje, especially in the south, is a heavy collection lady, putting on a velour gown of some kind, patterned socks, slip on shoes (commonly known as eje shoes, generally along withheel), and a headscarf around her scalp, occasionally tied right as muchas the jaw. There are going to be actually animal print somewhere on her wardrobe du jour. She will have gold jewelry on. At least one of her pearly whites will also be actually gold. She might possess a complete gold grill.

Law and Order from Kyrgyz Women

Kyrgyz ejes possess very powers. An eje can use these energies for good or even wicked, and also can make a decision when as well as where to evoke these powers.Kyrgyz eje energy is true, and everyone in Kyrgyzstan merely needs to have to take it. Usually, a lot of plebians experience eje power on marshutkas (know what a [intlink i.d.=” 1033 & Perfect; style = ” message “] marshrutka [/intlink] is actually), when said plebian is actually resting accidently in a seat that an eje establishes her sights on. Eje power, and also regulation, directs that seat is actually hers. And it is going to be.

Kyrgyz Lifestyle Handling the Youths

Ejes are actually important to Kyrgyz society and rule of legislation in maintaining jegeets in line. Only today, a file came from OshUrban area of a cocky jegeet, while chatting on his smart phone, making an effort to get onto a marshutka just before an eje. This Kyrgyz eje, that was definitely a likely student in the art of eje energy, nabbed the jegeets shoulder, and also ruthlessly tossed him backwards, while claiming one thing took on to be in the world of ” You get yo ‘ butt to the back a the line and respect yo’ ‘ G.D. elderlies young boy!” ” Said jegeet was the last individual to board the marshutka. Kyrgyz eje electrical power!

Another Kyrgyz female superpower is to be cold even on the most popular of times, yet to appear to keep warm in the winter, even withintolerably low temperature levels. On top of that, as well as even more extraordinary, observations reveal that ejes wear roughly the very same volume of apparel despite the temp (estimate allows for +/ -1 article of panthera pardus print clothing). The very power of tailored bodily heating system and also cooling down systems muchexceeding those of the rest of the world population requires more laboratory research, however is actually obvious. And uncontainable.

The Kyrgyz Female- A Thermic Irregularity?

An aspect supporting the best physical body temperature level of ejes may be their additional superpower of expanding their blister of temperature level management to the rest of the owners of a given area, and also that room on its own. Marshutkas are great petrie recipes for this records compilation. Begin in a marshutka along withan available window in mid-July. Go into the Kyrgyz eje. That home window will be actually approached lower than pair of seconds. Three seconds if she has to put in the time to take out somebody from HER seat. Eje will definitely fit. You will definitely certainly not be actually. You perform not possess eje power.

Kyrgyz eje energy additionally encompasses a physical athleticism that far surpasses what they need to be capable of, offered their age and footwear. Record shows that ejes may climb mountains, in the warmthof the summertime, completely velvet, using eje footwear, while drinking Kumus, as well as not die. This records showed awesome to researchers, all around 40 years muchyounger than mentioned ejes, who were actually using effective exploring attire and also footwear, moistened withproper quantities of water, and also THEY nearly did not make it to the best. Ejes, in their eje shoes, ensure footed and effectively suited to steep slopes along withlack of solid ground underneathall of them. Ejes prosper in severe components.

Kyrgyzstan’ s Women -The Jedis of Central Asia Food

Withparticular foodstuffs, ejes may create anything. Provide a Kyrgyz eje a dead lamb, some flour, salt as well as oil you’ ll be eating four meals 3 hours later on. And also you won’ t quit consuming for 5 hours. Whichcauses yet one more eje superpower: mind command. George Lucas based the Jedi thoughts secrets created renowned by Obi-Wan on the skills of Kyrgyz ejes making the people at their table eat. As well as eat. As well as cocktail herbal tea. And more herbal tea. So muchherbal tea. A circulating hypothesis is that herbal tea is the mild sabre of the Kyrgyz eje.

Kyrgyz Culture- Control of the Eje

Voltaire, FDR and also Crawler Guy’ s uncle all stated ” Withworld power, happens fantastic obligation”. The Kyrgyz eje understands this, especially when they function as renegade law enforcement. Many a lost or disturbed visitor has actually found relief in the arms of an eje. Official assistance offered to Tranquility Corps Volunteers just in case of harassment on a marshutka or even in the street is to discover a Kyrgyz eje. Ejes will definitely put a side to that nonsense, full stop. If you find yourself dropped, as well as after mocking your pitiful Kyrgyz, your welcoming Kyrgyz eje will definitely ensure you reachwhere you need to have to be, thoughif she is actually leading you, she might lead you throughthe exposition on her errands initially. And you will carry those looking around bags, since that is actually eje energy. You prefer the ejes in your corner.

Sometimes ejes can be frightening. Specifically if you are doing something wrong. More often than not, a meek white colored female can easily avoid eje crosshairs by grinning, mumbling one thing mute in what could be considered Kyrgyz, and also getting out of the way. At times, ejes are actually irritated by your large visibility in their vicinity, and there is actually nothing you may do other than certainly not exist. Thoughcertainly not speaking or even moving does assist.

In Kyrgyzstan, the eje supports the reins, bothin their family as well as in their neighborhood. At any sort of community event, there will certainly be actually a line of seats, generally witha dining table in front of them (for the eje purses), assigned to the ejes that like sit certainly there. Ejes are actually frequently ahead of any sort of dining table, in the prestigious chair, are actually offered to begin with, as well as are actually offered frequently.

Personally, I have come across a lot of Kyrgyzstan’ s remarkable women: they know a great deal, they know everybody, and may acquire – er carried out. They are a force in and also of themselves. While in Kyrgyzstan, I should consistently remember, that ejes can, and perform, control me all along withthe glint of a gold pearly white.


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