Meanwhile, the payday lending industry continues to rake in money and rack up wins

It’s a wonderful time to be always a Payday Lender

Despite what Dirty cash could have you imagine, it is really, very uncommon that that people who profit off the cash advance industry really ever see punishment, in big component because whatever they do is very appropriate.

Underneath the somewhat watchful attention for the Federal Trade Commission, payday loan providers have to adhere to the current legislation. And several of them do; the problem is, and has been, that people laws that are existing financing practices which is often damaging to borrowers.

Within the last many years, the legal actions filed because of the FTC with respect to customers have actually mostly centered around “phantom debts,” that are precisely what they appear to be. As an example, in 2016, the FTC mailed near to 2,000 checks to consumers who’d been defrauded by a scam that issued collection that is fake to people who would not, in reality, owe any money at all. That, needless to say, is obviously unlawful.

But, the majority of payday financing is not almost as cloak-and-dagger — rather, it operates right out in the wild. It is, in no part that is small because payday loan providers have actually the help of several lawmakers, compliment of big campaign contributions.

It is not conspiratorial theory; you will find direct links between promotions which take advantage of contributions from payday financing organizations and bills that are moved through the legislatures of both states plus the government.

LendingTree, a North Carolina-based payday lender, donated a lot more than $10,000 to Congressman Patrick McHenry (R, NC)’s election campaign in 2016. Continue reading →