Asians for sale: Side-by-Side Bird Streets Mansions Sell for Record $70 Million

Even though it’s been whispered about since belated last year, two separate sources state that a commonly rumored and record-breaking Hollywood Hills property transaction will formally shut today. Two side-by-side, shockingly costly brand new houses on Robin Drive into the Bird Streets community — one of those final detailed at $52 million, one other at $42.5 million — are increasingly being offered together, in one eye-popping deal, to your exact same billionaire customer.

Because the grant deeds never have yet recorded, the purchaser’s identification and exactly how much she or he is having to pay stays a formal secret; unofficially, but, both sources confirm the crazy rich customer is international and comes from Asia. Plus one supply swears stated international owner that is new real question is billionaire Taiwanese electronic devices tycoon Terry Gou, or some body in their instant household, and therefore the Gous are becoming a huge discount on both properties — towards the tune of spending “only” an overall total when you look at the $70-75 million range.

Gou, Taiwan’s wealthiest guy and a high-profile worldwide businessman, stays founder and president of Foxconn, one of many world’s biggest employers with a workforce now numbering significantly more than 800,000. Foxconn is mainly involved with the make of electronic devices, particularly the iPhone and iPad, of that they would be the world’s biggest manufacturers. Gou’s status and wealth — he’s worth $7.6 billion, per Forbes — prompted his present campaign that is trump-esque the Taiwan presidency. Continue reading →